E l f i s h   E c h o
(Koeln, Germany)

releases on source records / km20:
multiple void enjoiment / cd / 941018 / 1994
sato yumiko / cd, 12" / km2002 / km20 / 1996
strong medicine / cd, 2xlp / 980730 /1999

elfishEcho is a project of Burkhard Hoefler and Sato Yumiko.
releases to date:

*1994: "Multiple Void Enjoyment". full length CD, Source Records This was meant to be a soundtrack vehicle for Yoshimoto Banana's novel "Kitchen", being a piece of newer japanese literature that has often been considered to be Kitsch by german critics. Unfortunately this has not been the case with "Multiple Void Enjoyment"... The D110 is main actor here. Check Steven Ash's review in "Generator"! Says it all.

*1996: "Elfish Echo pres. Sato Yumiko". full length CD, km20 / "Elfish Echo pres. Sato Yumiko". 3 track 12", km20 This is coolish and detached in a way, due to Yumiko's increasing influence. Tracks include the teenage lazyness hymn "17", the somewhat druggy and clumsy pseudo-d'n'b epos "equation", a beatless little lullaby ("noctovision") and, being my personal favourite, "strings". This is the most "analogue" record we did.

*1999: "strongMedicine". full length CD/2x12", Source Records About half of "strongMedicine" was recorded in Tokyo in 1997, where we spent one and a half years, the other half in Heidelberg, Germany in 1998. This time 90% was done with the Yamaha A 3000, the rest with EMU ESI 32, Roland D110 and one or two presets from the Yamaha QY 700, which we also used as sequencer on most tracks, apart from Cubase on Atari. As for the less technical aspects, "strongMedicine" was inspired by moods and moments in Japan (strictly insular, murasaki, sommerloch), several Manga (Tsuge, Yumi's theme, Amy & Jordan), japanese and american TV (molybdaen, bitten, slick), among all kinds of other influences. It's like a personal notebook containing sketches and comments on the above mentioned influences and inspirations.
For further track descriptions etc. goto www.freenet.de/elfishEcho/reviewsText.html

live activities since 1994:
Heidelberg, DAI
Muenchen, Ultraschall (2x)
Heidelberg, Schloss
Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
Cologne, Stadtgarten
Tokyo, Club PSY (2x, w/"ThreeWayMirror" & as elfishEcho)
Cologne, Studio 672 (w/Christopher Dell)
*pre-1994 activities (Burkhard Hoefler only):
Punk etc.bands: "Sucks", "Nuetzliche Idioten" (vinyl '81), "die Anderen Tiere", "Square Jerks" (cassette '85), "Waste Water Swingers" (2 cassettes);
solo-projects: "der oelige Fisch"(cassette '85),"das Erdmaennchen" (cassettes '91), "Zornzirkel" (cassette '92);
collaborations: w/"Mr.Problemist" (several cassettes) & Harald "Sack" Ziegler on ijk-tapes.

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