...milleniumaward for most obscure funkyness.....
...by 1998, the date of his return, "Sato Yumiko",
like everything coming out of japan, will have become a standard.
(Oliver Koehler, Frontpage, on Elfish Echo's last release "Sato Yumiko", 1996)

1998, the year of his return.
Elfish Echo recorded his third album during his one and a half year
residence in Tokyo.
Already his first two releases ("multiple void enjoyment" on Source Records and "Sato Yumiko" on KM 20)
drew global attention.
Critics and press raved.
With this release Burkhard Hoefler aka Elfish Echo scales new heights.
Driving, experimental, atmospherical, confusing and surprising.
Burkhard Hoefler presents his very own interpretation of drum'n bass
- music for the next millenium. Original and beyond all boundaries.
The blueprint for the future, today on Source Records.

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source records nr. 980730 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  amy & jordan
tr02  i/o
tr03  friendly robbery
tr04  windkanal
tr05  molybdaen
tr06  bitten
tr07  strictly insular
tr08  murasaki
tr09  slick
tr10  sommerloch
tr11  yumi's theme
tr12  tsuge