move d:
an ancient (ca. 1992) relic from the move d vaults.
title kinda self explainatory...
players: 909 - jupiter 6 - juno 106
tranced (MP3/3986Kb)

the lost track! an unreleased take from the reagenz jams 94 in san francisco.
taped when david moufang visited jonah sharp to record the source
records/reflective "reagenz"joint venture.
this was the very first encounter of the two ambient grandmasters.
this track was heavily distorted and therefor not included on the album.
6 years later we believe itīs high time to make it available.
reagenz (MP3/10209Kb)

the km20_guestbook.series:
the connection of a living room and a minimal analog setup right in
heidelbergs idyllic altstadt attracted some tourists of a different kind
and gave the perfect setting for laid back jams and collaborations.
during 94-97 lots of guests chilled and recorded at km20.
no midi, no computer, only cv/gate and analog sequencing + synths.

dave wheels (hia):
(part 1 of the km20_guestbook.series)
during his visit to heidelberg dave wheels, formerly of higher
intelligence agency, recorded these amazing tracks at km20.
track2 dave recorded together with his girlfriend cat, track3 with move d.

(part 2 of the km20_guestbook.series)
rawell from berlin is a member of "elektronische wohlfahrt" (berlin).
we present one unreleased track.
rawell live at km20 (MP3/6735Kb)

more source records audio stuff: traffic (mp3-cd by dsn) source records moved dsn moved

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