Not just since the release of "with compliments" for force inc, is
Benjamin Wild one of Germanys favourite electronic music producers. Benjamin
can look back on a impressive recording career with releases for Kompakt,
Perlon, Force Tracks and morris/audio and a total of six colaboration albums
for frankfurts fax records.

Benjamin Wilds second album project: "wie es sein wollte" brings it all to
the point. Everything fits perfectly in place and Benjamin shows us with
striking clarity why we love and need electronic music.

Minimal House, subliminal dub, digital artefacts and warm pulsating chords,
merge, creating sublimely funky elegant and grooving tracks. Bouncing,sexy,
sensual, swinging, soothing.....

Benjamin Wilds music is filled with warmth and positive energy, reduced to
the essence, in this case the blending of musical and rythmical elements, well
balanced arrangments, peace pours from the speakers soaring effortlessly,
grooving from the first to the last track. Timeless, weightless, extremly
funky, relaxed and fluid: ".....genau so wollte es sein" and so it always
wanted to be..........

source records nr. 030344 / cd
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01 you never (voice: arthur oleszczuk)
tr02 bassschaufel
tr03 rave spleen
tr05 tune to it
tr05 flora de la noche (benjamin bild & meta.83)
tr06 112bpm_rocker
tr07 der große benjamin-tag
tr08 piazza trac
tr09 keep going
tr10 one time
tr11 agathe
tr12 sauwetter/tauwetter