The Deep Space Network is back – back with their unique blend of electronic
and accoustic sounds, swinging grooves, sublime booty-shakers and relaxed late
night funk.

12 years after their first recording "Earth to Infinity", that kicked off
the source records history and roughly 10 years after their last studio
recording "Big Rooms" they did it again – presenting a collection of new tracks
recorded throught the past 5 years – like their previous recordings, wrapping
up a whole cosmos of sound and rythm in one album.

David Moufang and Jonas Grossman never tried to meet specific genre
standards and are way to diverse to be fitted into one drawer, but at the same
time they allways understood to create their very own musical trademark.
Drawing from a wide musical background, integrating the most diverse sources of
sounds and inspiration they come up with a collection of tracks ranging from
electronic soul and funk to digital chill out – seamlesly interweaving
accoustic instruments – like, guitars, drums and percussions – with electronic
soundscapes and digital processing.

Spring is back, so is the Deep Space Network, with a a timless blend of
sound and styles, cooking up a delightful stew, serving musical soulfood –
positive, sensual and sexy – soulful and funky, oozing the charm of positive
and friendly vibes from your speakers.

source records nr. 040445 / cd / released: 04 2004

tr01 brother mingus
tr02 airing dew
tr03 raise this flap
tr04 singlenote
tr05 www ep2
tr06 bafflegab
tr07 code 69 revisited
tr08 distension
tr09 pea gravel
tr10 14/10 bang
tr11 new amsterdam