After Sad Rockets debut 7" "Music for mix tapes"
Andrew Pekler is back for more.
More musical extravagancas from his 4-track.
Experiments with instruments and other devices, fine Jazz, soundtracks for chases not seen, big emotions, a good load of trash, Rockīn Roll and glamour, drama and
stirring love scenes.........its all in there.

"Plays" is the album-debut of Andrew Peckler, born in Samarkand, Usbekistan, emmigrated to the US and ended up in Heidelberg, where he plays and mixes guitars, bass, drums and various keyboards on his fourtrack. After releasing "the future sound of trash" with his punk-rock band "Mucus2" (recently signed to Crypt Records), he now leans back to present some more chilled out tracks, ranging somewhere between 70īs Jazz, Soundtracks, Blues and Funk.

other Sad Rockets releases:
music for mix tapes / 7" / Source Records
kid kinski versus the aeppler mob / 7" / Source Records
once upon a time called now / cd, lp / Morbid Records, Vienna.

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source records nr. 980328 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  idris
tr02  new art
tr03  skizzen
tr04  winter
tr05  cats and dogs
tr06  girl from nussloch
tr07  jeree fazz
tr08  zerkalo
tr09  western spaghetti
tr10  cold curry
tr11  summer
tr12  puzzle people
tr13  ransom!
tr14  white sneakers
tr15  e.j.
tr16  turkish and american blend
tr17  suedland
tr18  desert
tr19  outro