"players" is a colourful collection of easy swinging tracks, funky rythms, soulful vocals,
jazz and electronics from around the world compiled by Move D.

The producers come from Stokholm, Halle/Saale, Rotterdam, Sidney, Heidelberg, Finnland, LA, Frankfurt,
Berlin, New York, Chicago, Flint Mi and London. For most of them it is their first release. We say, itīs high time!

The styles are as diverse as the places their makers call home.

Laid back HipHop grooves by Obadia, Exxon Yazz, Smokerīs Delight and Ali Omar.
Experiments and improvisations by Chukimai and Krii.
Cool Funk by Bangtown, Tara Rodgers and Melchior (Vulva, Yoni) & Anderson.
Slow and deep tracks by Adrian 75, Digital Lofi and Thomas Meyer.

Also featured: exclusive new tracks by Transporter (self titled album on Source Records ī99 /
12" on Cheap as Reimann / releases with B-Recordings on Cheap and Payola),
Alex Cortex ("laconic"), Jamie Hodge (aka banquet)
and solo tracks by the "Deep Space Network"-members and heads of Source Records:
David Moufang (Move D) and Jonas Grossmann (bton)
"I love it.  One of the best compilations I've ever heard.  The music is quite varied,
but what's really rare in a great compilation is that the flow is natural and
unexpected delights are awaiting with each new track." (J. C.)
"players" is the first in a series of "opensource" compilations. Next up is: "opensource.floor"
source records nr. 002567 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  obadia / slowride / http://www.mp3.com/obadia
tr02  exxon jazz / tune / http://www.zeleztik.com
tr03  smokers delight / do you speak spanish / http://www.mp3.com/smokersdelight
tr04  chukimai / the girl with the golden fish / http://www.mp3.com/chukimaipart2
tr05  ali omar / love / http://www.hashish.com.au
tr06  move d / tar funk / http://www.mp3.com/moved
tr07  krii / dzaes manouverz / http://www.tokyodawn.org
tr08  adrien75 / singularity / http://www.carpetbomb.net/artists.html
tr09  bton / fourth floor / http://www.mp3.com/bton
tr10  transporter feat. beni reimann / kind and cool
tr11  analog tara / defunkt / http://www.mp3.com/analogtara
tr12  banquet / hot nachos with cheese, calling cards, cappucino / http://www.aestuarium.com
tr13  bangtown / ccvccd / http://www.mp3.com/bangtown
tr14  melchior & anderson / catch a wave
tr15  alex cortex / rosen
tr16  digital lofi / transmission (deep space dub) / http://www.mp3.com/digitallofi
tr17  thomas meyer / values / http://www.zeleztik.com