1992-2002. Ten years of Source Records. Worth celebrating, that!
Following a slower year than usual at Source Records, we are now back with a tight schedule of
great releases to celebrate our tenth year of existence.
We will be starting the first decade's final year with Jörg Schuster aka Sensual Physics' debut from Dortmund, Germany.
Alright! Admittedly, what you might not call a big name?! But in the ten years of releasing Source Records,
we have never lost sight of our initial motivation - to put out the music we love and keep our minds open for new input.
We decided it would be most appropriate if we didn't release another "the best of ten years of..."
and instead stick to our philosophy by presenting a new relative of the Source Records family.

Sensual Physics' "Offene Schleifen" is moody and deep techno music.
Fashionable sub genre names do not apply in his case. Just Techno. Very positive.
Suitable for the club, "four to the floor" backed tracks - grooving and fluid, bright and warm.
Crackles, chords, dubs and solid grooves.
In Sensual Physics' world, the dance floor and the living room are door to door,
Detroit is just around the corner and the essence of techno shines throughout.

artist website: www.sensualphysics.com/

source records nr. 010638 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  zwischen lyon und orange
tr02  alte halle
tr03  angestauter druck
tr04  sense order
tr05  organic sprout
tr06  warmes moment
tr07  sensual overload
tr08  staubfunk
tr09  stadtwerke
tr10  depressure

cd bonus tracks:
tr11  approached decay
tr12  modern physics