Johan Skugge from Sweden. Another Debut on Source Records. Well, at least, sort of...
Asked about some "material" to be used for a release-info-sheet Johan replied:

"i've been in different alternative groups for 6 -7 years releasing albums on almost every major label here in sweden.
i got bored with both guitars and majors so i started making my own thing 1 1/2 year ago.
no-one heard it until i played it to andreas tilliander who talked me into sending it for people to hear.
i will release a 12" on ( mikael stavöstrands label ) mitek in june.
i'm a student at the department of computer and systems science in stockholm.
i work with cheap computers, rather two shitty ones than one expensive, and almost just freeware and shareware.
i like the fact that if you have a computer and a internetconnection you'll be making music within 15 minutes.
without having spent any money. anyone with a great idea can do it.
well......that's all and can come up with for now."

First I guess we have to thank Andreas Tilliander for talking Johan into sending demos
and we are very happy Johan Skugge thought of us when sending them.
For this is some of the finest 21st century processor-funk around.
Digital minimal Tracks, shuffling, shifting, grooving. Sounds from a diffrent world.
Building, layer by layer, carefully arranged, drawing you into the depths of a software-generated world of sound.
But, possibly more important, "objects and buildings" preserves the warmth and emotional dephts
of the analog world. Clicks, Cuts, Crackles and digital fragments create irresistable grooves,
underlining all of the tracks. Musical and rythmical elements blend seamlessly in Skugge´s music.
Solid grooving four to the floor backed tracks alongside deep experimental pieces.
All swinging - as if the source codes had started a life of their own.

Following the album title "objects and buildings", Johan Skugge´s tracks are buildings of striking clarity,
reduced, focused and blanced in their structures, minimal and futuristic in fabric.
The buildings outline and external shape are defined by their internal concepts
rather than being masked by a facade.

source records nr. 020440 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: forced exposure / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  pacific
tr02  block
tr03  4:am
tr04  semi
tr05  slope
tr06  tuple
tr07  eeg
tr08  scope
tr09  rev
tr10  module