Deltidseskapism (the swedish word for 'part time escapism') is 24 year old
Martin Abrahamsson from Malmö, Sweden. Known for his bubbly melodic electronica
releases for Pitchcadet, Neo Ouija, de:bug and new speak records (under his
'bauri' moniker) as well as remixing artists such as Lackluster, Komp (Andreas
Tilliander), Geiom, Hrvatski, Metamatics & Yellow6.

Following appearances on Mille Plateaux's "clicks & cuts 2" and "clickhop 1.0"
compilations, a mini-album for u-cover 40 and opening live act for Safety
Scissors, Mikael Stavöstrand and Andreas Tilliander, this is his first proper
Deltidseskapism album titled NATTMUSIK ('night music'). NATTMUSIK's 8 tracks
were recorded in the misty shadowlands of minimal techno, ambient, dub,
shoegazing and found sounds. When produced during 2001 and finished in february
2002, all the tracks were recorded live and molded into a different shape than
steril, computerized clicks'n'cuts.

NATTMUSIK became alive and personal, a detailed and charming affair of
nocturnal audio love. These tracks function as escape pods crafted for moments
when you feel like escaping to another place; travel to a warm desert, an
underwater cave, a dark forest during full moon, or your own favorite
hideaway... temporary travel music. head music. NATTMUSIK.

source records nr. 040646 / cd / released: summer 2004

tr01 oas
tr02 ekolod
tr03 feber
tr04 hemlighet
tr05 distans
tr06 bitterljuv
tr07 paranoia
tr08 elsömn