Ole Schulte aka Veer from Frankfurt is relativly "new" to the scene.
He released an EP for Force Tracks and later this year he will release
another 12" on Kid Clayton´s Cytrax Label.
We start the new year with Veer´s album debut Lideskape.

Flowing sounds, spreading wide into space, shuffling beats over bleeps and digital fragments.
The tracks seem to be weightlessly floating due to the depth and width of their soundscapes.

Mutating and modulating from comforting murmur to deep resonanting chords.
Contemplative, crackling, warming like a virtual campfire on the hard drive.
accompanied by robot-crickets resounding from the binary undergrowth.
Spherically gliding, the sounds condense, build grooves, swinging and driving,
drifting apart again into ever expanding space,

Interference, overlaps, cuts, refraction and resonance.
Pulsating, vivid tracks. Funky and sensual,
relaxing and smooth.

Artist web site: www.disarrange.com

source records nr. 020943 / cd
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01 maintain
tr02 dawn
tr03 naked
tr05 fieldstrip
tr05 a few were idiots
tr06 realm
tr07 ideation
tr08 trenchcoat army
tr09 lizard
tr10 the wretched ones
tr11 octane