Source Records are proud to welcome their newest artist Seltam&Strahler.

The debit album ^ö^ makes Seltsam&Strahler a vital part of the
contemporary minimal / dsp based ambient movement.
Names like Thomas Koener, Twine or Monolake could be dropped as a reference in
order to describe their sound.

Seltam&Strahler are masters of the art of giving a musical pause the same
relevance as the actual notes being played.
^ö^ features 12 tracks devoted to minimalism and abstraction without ever
running the risk of sounding artifivial or over intelectualized. — on the
contrary — the listener is being rewarded with sometimes very elevating
music, always appealing on an emotional level, as well.

Hypnotic and monotone material is interwoven with more classical non linear
forms of composition. A few tracks which evolved from team-up with a classical
pianist, bear a convincing impressionist blurry signature — not unlike
the more introverted pieces by Eric Satie.

Seltam&Strahler are currently a well booked live-act. Mainly in a more art
biased context like the berlin 'Transmediale' but also as opener for
'Mouse on Mars'. Wherever they performe they build a growing fan base.

^ö^ is the sound of ambient 2005 — another highlight on Source

source records nr. 050248 / cd / released: may 2005

tr01: nebelungen
tr02: janein
tr03: im wasser kurz
tr04: der kleine beat
tr05: so sann so
tr06: waldschrat
tr07: riesentrara
tr08: herzstillstand
tr09: wasserleiche
tr10: dazwischen
tr11: hitze
tr12: terry talking a walk