Fusion. Electronics and soloists. Bridging generations.

Vibraphonist Karl Berger born In Heidelberg/Germany, started his career in the late fifties.
In the early sixties he moved to Paris where he met Don Cherry. After touring europe with Don Cherry in '65 
he  moved to New York where he established himself as one of the top vibraphonists in the  Avantgarde Jazz scene. 
He recorded with  musicians like Ornette Coleman ("Symphony for improvisers", Blue Note ) and 
Lee Konitz ("Duets" , Milestone ) aswell as releasing several albums as bandleader for Milestone 
(with Ed Blackwell, Dave Holand, Jim Hall......) and other labels. 
Later he worked with Bill Laswell and George Clinton (including string arrangments for "material" albums (axiom)). 

Guitarist Gunther Ruit Kraus from Ruit/Germany is living in Heidelberg. With his bands he played most of the 
major jazz festivals in europe like Moers, Holland and Frankfurt, Germany aswell as countless concerts in clubs 
throughout germany.

Jamie Hodge from Chicago released his first record as "Born under a rhyming planet" 1994 
on Richie Hawtins legendary "+8" label (Detroit). It became a straight classic.
Other releases on "+8" and "Plug Research" followed to make Jamie Hodge one  of the most respected 
artists in the electronic music scene.

David Moufang aka Move D, co-founder of Source Records, released several solo projects like 
the electronic-listening classic "Kunststoff" on Source Records, a 12" on Warp Records and
"Solitaire" on Fax Records.  
He also worked in several colaboration projects such as "Reagenz" (with Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum),
 "View to View" (with Robert Gordon), "Koolfang"/"Move D&Namlock" (with Pete Namlock) 
and "Deep Space Network" (with Jonas Grossmann). 
He is the grandmaster of smooth and groovy techno.

These four musicians are the musical backbone of conjoint. 
1996 they released their first album on the Source Records sub-label KM20.
(compared to Miles Davis' "in a silent way" by Rob Young, Wire Magazine, UK)
This is the second get together of the four, this time joined by a group of guest musicians. 
The influences are wide, from the Mingus like big brass section arrangements of "die implosion des sterns" to the warm
and soulful Hip Hop beats of "New York Disaster", from walking bass to the deep and cosmic tranquility of "no balls". 
Deep atmospheres, cool arrangements and funky rythms.
Conjoint draw from a big selection of sounds: Vibraphone, melodica (played by K. Berger), guitar, e-bass, 
voices, sampler, hard disk recording and analog synthesizers. 
Supported by Christoph Reimann ( clarinet ) Analena Fiedler (oboe)  and Jonas Grossmann (progamming, synths).

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source records nr. 991234 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  earprint nr1 (01:34)
tr02  strange ideas (06:00)
tr03  earprint nr2 (00:58)
tr04  walk on! (02:50)
tr05  earprint nr3 (02:40)
tr06  four.nine (08:16)
tr07  earprint nr4 (01:22)
tr08  la pluie et la seine (03:54)
tr09  earprint nr5 (01:06)
tr10  the joint (04:57)
tr11  new york mary desaster (07:07)
tr12  born under a rhyming planet at the foot of the odenwald (05:17)
tr13  earprint nr6 (00:46)
tr14  bar rock (03:16)
tr15  earprint nr7 (01:54)
tr16  instructions (04:10)
tr17  deductions (01:50)
tr18  earprint nr8 (00:59)
tr19  die implosion des sterns (06:29)
tr20  no balls:34 (08:10)