The opensource series continues....
This time we focus on an entirely different field of electronic music.
In cooperation with Berlin´s software developers Ableton we present opensource.code:
A selection of the finest minimal club music around,
gathering the creme de la creme of a new breed of electronic producers,
creating a new sound through creative exploration of software and processors.
Software developer, musician, producer - the limiting borders fade,
and as seperation between musician and programmer (or instrument makers in a broader sense)
become less obvious a new sound emerges from laptop harddrives around the world.

Like in many ways the TR909 and monophone analouge synths were essential to the Minimal Techno Sound
coming out of Detroit in the early ninties, this new approach to minimal electronic club music is defined
by the use of computers ans software to generate, sequence and arrange sound.

Sutekh from San Francisco, Jan Jelinek (aka Farben, Gramm) and Monolake from Berlin, set the standards
for the emerging style. Akufen from Canada and Smyglissna are some of the new stars.
Thomas Brinkmann, Move D, S.E. Berlin (formerly Sun Electric),Tom Thiel (one half of Sun Electric) and
Robert Lippok (member of "Torococorot") have been shaping and reshaping electronic music
throught the past decade.
All have one thing in common besides appearing together on this compilation:
they are all benchmarks in the evolution of electronic music:
Akufen released for Trapez and Perlon, Jan Jelinek released his music as Farben for Klang Elektronik,
as Gramm for Source Records and most recently for Scape,
Sutekh produced several 12"es for Force Inc./Force Tracks, Context, Source Records
Smyglyssna for Vertical Form, Background, Plug Research,
Move D released on Warp, Plug Research, Fax and Source Records,
Monolake on Imbalance and Chain Reaction,
Thomas Brinkmann for Profan, Supposé, Rastermusic/Noton, Force Inc.

12 unreleased tracks by an allstar cast of electronic producers.
Presented by Source Records and Ableton.

source records nr. 020541 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa, forced exposure (us), inertia(aus)

tr01  akufen - syntaxis 2
tr02  jan jelinek - music to interrogate by
tr03  s.e. berlin - toninas
tr04  robert lippok - 6 a.m.
tr05  bton - nocturne
tr06  sutekh - asscr
tr07  thomas brinkmann - momoklick
tr08  smyglyssna - microholiday
tr09  move d - µst
tr10  alex cortex - laconic track1 (tom thiel remix)
tr11  monolake - white II
tr12  studio pankow - linienbusse

a01  akufen - synthaxis 2
a02  thomas brinkmann - momoklick
b03  jan jelinek - music to interrogate by
b04  sutekh - asscr