Adrien Capozzi, aka Adrien75, is a Los Angeles-based artist.
As a member of Unagi Patrol and Microstudio, he co-created
most of the Carpet Bomb releases.
In 1999 he released the Adrien75 E.P. on Carpet Bomb.
He is also featured on Plug Research's Intermission,
opensource.players (Source Records) and on other
compilations (labels include tigerbeat 6, RKK, and apartment b).

Coastal Acces is Adrien's album debut and is probably
the most chilled out release on Source Records in a while.
Mellow, floating, morphing and liquid - this is music inspired by days at the beach...
diving under waves, drifting in the ebb and flow of the tides, and dancing in the warm sand.
Acoustic guitar and digital artifacts merge just as naturally
as the seemingly opposing concepts of easy beach life and binary program codes.

At times calm and beautiful - sometimes vibrant and rough - always deep, emotional and
atmospherically rich with rather abstract and fragmented references to nature.
A comforting aquatic feel underlines the entire album.
Floating and light, soaring from the depth and gently sinking back?
then suddenly: all Funk, elements grooving like light dancing above the water
from a view down below.
Digital sounds cascading, rolling like lines of waves at the shore - like a permanent pulsing
or breathing refracted with interferences caused by its reflection.
Modulated from a permanent energy and formed through disturbances of density.

source records nr. 020842 / cd
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01 highway one north
tr02 ugp #4
tr03 ocean drilling
tr05 hall
tr05 ugp #2
tr06 highway one south
tr07 ugp #1
tr08 coatal acces suite: pacific
tr09 creatures of the deep
tr10 moonlit waters
tr11 pebbles
tr12 beach blanket
tr13 atlantic