Farout funk and freestyle techno - the Yonder Kids are out looking for some serious shaking.
Incredible breaks, wild sounds. untamed machines.

The debut from the three guys from Mannheim will rock dancefloors and living rooms around the globe.
Funky electro grooves from fierce to smooth, deep and unpredictable.
From the mellow opener "nineth degree of average" to the way out vocal style of "jwd"
from the pure drive of "monkeybusiness" to the fierce mega funk of "wuppdich"
right down to the heavy beats and dubs of the final track "what do you say".
Allways on the beat, in the flow, out of control.
Rock to the wildstyle techno of "ces", chill to the sounds of "extrapolation",
groove to the swing of "mikrowellensittich".

Sounds to make your ass shake!

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source records nr. 990832 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  nineth degree of average
tr02  ms22 >MP3/full lenght version (3386Kb)
tr03  mikrowellensittich
tr04  monkeybusiness
tr05  jwd
tr06  parallaxis
tr07  wuppdich
tr08  centipede
tr09  ces
tr10  sag deinem arsch gutnacht
tr11  extrapolation
tr12  transmitter
tr13  foreign devil
tr14  zip
tr15  schlock!
tr16  what do you say