After the 12" "adaptive pattern recognizer" this is the first longplayer on Source Records by the collective that has been bussy under various names (R.a.n.d. Musik, Krok, Lowtec, Science City, USM...) in the past, establishing them as some of the foremost german producers for authentic eletcro and techno.
Recent releases on "electro juice", Sabotage (Vienna), Hybrid and on Ectomorph´s Interdimensional Transmissions (Detroit) are good examples for the international success of the System 360 collective.
All new and exclusive tracks kickin' their way somewhere between electro and techno. The CD also contains "deep forces", "what would you do" and "machines"previously released on the Source Records EP "adaptive pattern recognizer".
The double LP contains Dj-friendly bonus tracks not included on the CD
Detroit style at its best !

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source records nr. 980328 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  black dawn (Krok)
tr02  deep forces (Marvin Dash)
tr03  interlude (Lowtec)
tr04  man and machine (Krok)
tr05  canon (Digable Rythm, Marvin Dash)
tr06  like a virgin (Krok, Lowtec)
tr07  ph-optik (Lowtec)
tr08  x-static (Lowtec)
tr09  what would you do (Marvin Dash)
tr10  colour (Marvin Dash)
tr11  dekopan (Krok, Lowtec, Ty Frazier)
tr12  lux (Marvin Dash)
tr13  kb 100 (Marvin Dash)
tr14  license to chill (Digable Rythm)