Jonas Grossmann aka BTon has been co-running Source Records for the past
12 years and is one half of Deep Space Network (both together with David Moufang).

Now he delivers his Solo-Album-Debut 4th Floor:
a unique definition of groovy spaced-out electronics.

Nocturnal Bleeps, funky beats, voices and sounds out of this world.
Smoky late night moods, mellow and sensual.
You can definitely hear Jonas' passion for vintage Jazz, Soul, Funk
and Soundtrack recordings in his selection of sounds and his

Bton´s previously released contributions to the Source Records
compilations opensource.players (4th floor) and opensource.code (nocturne)
are also bincluded.

Colourful electronic leisure style.

source records nr. 050147 / cd / released: feb/march 2005

tr01: meanwhile
tr02: btonation
tr03: stealth tax
tr04: buzzerbeater
tr05: nocturne
tr06: down home
tr07: bei nacht
tr08: rot
tr09: 4th floor
tr10: schieber
tr11: btonieren
tr12: km20-tapes 2
tr13: oton
tr14: breit
tr15: in space